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It's All about the kids!

Without the help of our local communities and our sponsors, Discing4Kids would not be possible. Every little bit helps us give more to the kids in our program. Funds go for items such as baskets, discs, shirts, trophies, all of which directly benefit the kids. 

To help us in our pursuit of putting a disc into the hand of every kid in America please click the donate button above. This will take you directly to the Discing4Kids PayPal or Credit Card account. 

​​As a Non-Profit Organization Discing4Kids gladly accepts any and all donations to help our pursuit of giving the kids the absolute best. With your donation to Discing4Kids, we are able to provide you or your Company an, In-Kind letter. This means that your donation can be claimed as a Tax Deductible Contribution, which is just one of many benefits to donating to Discing4Kids! 

Email: Discing4Kids@gmail.com

Phone: (928)-600-2172