JD Sugg has many years of experience in banking, forensic accounting, litigation support, directors' relations, logistics, forecasting models and fund raising for private and non-profit entities.

A community that protects our youth and fosters good citizenship and healthy lifestyles for each young person participating in our program

Mr. Eddie Diaz started Discing4Kids in 2015 with just 20 students at Killip Elementary School as an after-school activity. D4K is an Arizona Domestic Non-Profit Corporation. Eddie teaches disc golf at NAU and plans to continue growing D4K and seeking new collaborators.

Vision Statement

Develop each youth’s pro-social behaviors, healthy habits, and life values through the fundamentals and science of the low-impact sport of Disc Golf

Rick Barrowman volunteers at a variety of nonprofits in Flagstaff. He is retired US Army. His most recent degree is an M.L.A. in Management, Harvard Extension School, December 2021.

About Us

Mission Statement

Adam Shimoni graduated from NAU in 2011. He started a small business in 2012, Flagstaff Bikes, and founded Flagstaff Speak Up!, a civic engagement program under Friends of Flagstaff’s Future. He was elected to City Council 2018.

Joe Gutierrez received his bachelor's degree from NAU. He then went on to earn a Master's degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from the University of Phoenix. He rose through the ranks and is now the Principal at Killip Elementary School. In September 2021, Joe received the Coconino County Educator Lifetime Achievement Award.

Email: Discing4Kids@gmail.com

Phone: (928)-600-2172

Along the way,  students will learn these core values:

Safety - guidelines for the prevention of injury through self-confidence, self-discipline, and patience as associated with a low-impact sport

Integrity - moral and ethical principles such as honesty and the distinction between right and wrong

Dispute resolution - simple techniques for resolving differences

Leadership skills- through a mentoring program, the more advanced students  teach new or younger students

Accountability - assuming responsibilities for one's actions on and off the course

Respect​- for self, others, and rules of life

Healthy lifestyle- attributes such as daily exercise, nutritional balance, and hand-to-eye coordination