Our children today are our leaders tomorrow!  Discing4Kids is an organization that provides no-cost, in-school and after-school education curriculum designed to teach our youth life's values and a healthy lifestyle through a low-impact sport, disc golf.  The students will learn these aspects of Citizenship:

Safety - guidelines for prevention of risk or injury through self-confidence, self-discipline and patience as associated with a low-impact sport

Integrity - Moral and ethical principles such as honesty and the distinction between right and wrong

Dispute resolution - simple techniques for resolving differences

Leadership skills through a mentoring program whereby the more advanced students will be able to teach new or lesser advanced students

Accountability - assuming responsibilities for one's actions

Respect for self, others and rules of life

Healthy lifestyle attributes such as daily exercise, nutritional balance and hand-to-eye coordination

To train our children of today to be our leaders of tomorrow by expanding our tried and true educational curriculum in each community we serve.  We partner with like-minded organizations to create community involvement which enhances our youth's healthy lifestyles, safety and integrity.


Mission Statement